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Luxury violins

Luxury Violins is a modern and transparent trading place for string instruments and strings. We offer only sneeze and quality secured instruments in the best possible condition - no matter what price range you are looking for. Our entire range has been carefully selected so that each instrument sounds and works well.

We offer older violins, cellos and strings of the highest quality, all of which have been reviewed by our violin master and expert.

Made to measure

We are extremely proud to offer "Made to measure" by Stefan Lindholm. Made to measure has long been extremely popular in fashion industry where you can choose material, color, fit, etc. to get the highest quality according to your requirements.

Lindholm's family has stored quality wood for decades and can therefore, as one of the few violin builders in the world, offer a newly manufactured violin with 100 years old wood.

Please note that we can only communicate in English.