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Cello - Johan Klier ca.1920

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Instrument: Cello 4/4
Origin: Germany / Böhmen / c.1920
Label: Johann Klier Steingrub
Table: Spruce / two pieces / fine to medium grain
Back: Maple / top quality / two pieces / strong figure
Scroll: Maple / light figure
Overall condition: Good – in a normal condition for its age with a few minor repair
Length of back: 756.0 millimeters
Upper width: 346,5 millimeters
Middle width: 243,0 millimeters
Bottom width: 444,0 millimeters
Sound: Warm and deep, play easily
Strings: Larsen / Spirocore
Additional info: A fine old cello made in Böhmen in Germany about a hundred years ago. Fine quality of workmanship and tone.