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Violin – W. H. Hammig 1918

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Price: SEK 85 000
Instrument: Violin 4/4
Origin: Leipzig / Germany
Label: Wilh. Herm. Hammig Leipzig. 1918. / stamped inside on the back
Table: Spruce / two pieces / medium grain
Back: Maple / two pieces / wide figure
Scroll: Maple / medium figure
Overall condition: Mint – no old damages or repairs
Length of back: 355 millimeters
Sound: A great sounding violin which easily match and surpasses modern makers in a "blind-test".
Additional info: A fine old violin made in the famous workshop of Wilhelm Herrman HAMMIG (1838-1925) in Leipzig 1918. This violin which is in a great state of preservation was made exactly 100 years ago. Made successfully upon a Giuseppe Guarnerius del Gesú model this violin have a dark deep “del-gesu” typ of sound.

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